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Finding a Product

Selecting a Product

Methods of Payment

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Searching for a Product

Netgrocer has a new search engine that makes it even easier to find and shop for product.
Below are some simple search tips to help you find the product or item you're searching for.

Tip 1: Enter brand name, product name, category, or UPC.

Brand Name: Quaker

Product Name: Cap'N Crunch

Category: Cereal

UPC: 03000006300

Tip 2: If you are unsure of the spelling try the first few letters: Quak.
Tip 3: Try general searches first: for Quaker Rice Cakes try "rice cake".
Tip 4: Do not enter flavors or colors.
Tip 5: It is not necessary to capitalize words.
Tip 6: Avoid using plurals.



Selecting a Product:

Selecting Products with Netgrocer is as easy as 1 2 3

1. Select the Aisle from the Left Menu or a Tab from the Top Bar, i.e. Grocery
2. Select a Sub-Category from the Left Menu and Netgrocer will automatically show you all the products in that Sub-Category.
3. Place an item into your shopping cart by clicking on the buy button, or add the item to one of your shopping lists by clicking on the list button.

To get detailed product information, click on the product image and Netgrocer will show a larger picture, nutritional information and ingredients where applicable.



Methods of Payment:

Netgrocer accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, and the Discover Card. We now use PayPal for payment proccessing (you do not need a PayPal account to complete your orders, they just handle the payment process, feel free to use your credit/debit cards!) We cannot accept C.O.D.s.



Shopping Cart

The shopping cart, located on the right of the Netgrocer site, shows the items you have added to your cart as well as an estimated total of the products in your cart. By default, the last item you put into the cart is shown. This item will appear at the top of your cart with a brief product description, image (if available), quantity and subtotal. You may change the quantity of the selected item by clicking the up/down arrows or changing the number in the quantity field and pressing your enter key. To remove an item from your cart, decrease the quantity to 0. If you wish to view the product details click on the product image. The product's details will load in the main frame.

You may also add notes by clicking "Add Notes" and entering any comments you wish to add and then clicking "Save Notes". If you do not wish to add notes click the "X" in the upper right corner. If you have added notes to an item, you may modify the notes by clicking "Edit Notes" and then clicking "Save Notes". To make changes to an item in your cart, click on the name of the item in your cart.

You may view the entire contents of your shopping cart at any time. Click on "View Cart" and the "Review Cart" page will be displayed. Here you can review the items contained in your cart. If you need to delete an item, click the checkbox next to your item under the "Delete?" heading and then click "Save Changes". If you wish to empty your cart click "Empty Cart". You may save the items in your cart to a list for future shopping. For more information on lists, click here to see help on lists. When you are ready to checkout click "Checkout", otherwise, click "Continue Shopping" to return to the shopping site.


Personal Lists

Netgrocer has a variety of ways to speed up your shopping trip, saving you valuable time to take care of the things most important to you. Among these features, is the ability to shop from previous orders, and creating your own lists to shop from every time you visit us.

While shopping at Netgrocer, you will notice that every product has two buttons - . Clicking the save button - will open a window asking if you want to save that item to an existing list or save it to a new one. You can make your lists as detailed or as simple as you want. You can also keep as many lists as you can organize.

On your next shopping trip,you won't need to search or go through the stores to buy your favorite product. Click on the "List" drop down at the top left of the page. All of the lists you have created in your previous visits will be there for you to shop from. You can add any number of items to your cart or add all of them at once. Items that are out of stock are noted here. You can rename lists, delete items, delete the entire list, or add new items to a list at any time.

Other features in the "List" Section include shopping from the top ten items that you usually buy, and the ability to shop from previous orders. These features, combined give you the ability to complete your grocery shopping in minutes.

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